Gilded Paths Polymer Clay Swap

One of the polymer clay groups I belong to, International Polymer Clay Swaps, recently voted on a tutorial that we wanted to try out. We chose Tina Holden’s Gilded Paths.

It’s a lovely tutorial and I can see a lot of potential in future projects. I’ve started experimenting already. So far I’ve had one failed attempt. I bought the new Sculpey Hollow Bead Maker. This will take some practice.

I loved the Gilded Path sheet that I created with the Beadcomber tutorial though. It was a learning experience. I wish I had taken a picture of the sheet before I cut it for the beads.


This looks easy doesn’t it? Not so much.


The beads warped and didn’t fit together very well. However, I still really like the colours and the pattern so instead of throwing them out I’ll put them in my bowl of beach glass to look at now and then.

My second sheet was a little more subtle with a jungle forest feel to it.


This time I decided to make a bangle. I used another of Tina’s tutorials that I purchased a few years ago…the Bamboo Stretch Bracelet. This is great for those of us that have metal sensitivities. I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to make one.


IMG_4686I’m only half way through the Gilded Paths tutorial and already have two projects done (even though one didn’t turn out well). There are so many things you can do with these beautiful sheets. It’s well worth buying the tutorial.


Sue Beads – Chicklets blog hop!

IMG_20140803_190119I received the cutest little chicklet made by SueBeads last week. I pondered for a few days about how to show it off. It was screaming “charm” to me. I made a necklace with a polymer clay heart and my chicklet. My boy Casper begged to be my model…OK maybe begged is exaggerating a bit but doesn’t he look adorable? I thought Rita would be tickled with this picture ūüôā


For more fun with Chicklets please visit the other artists who participated in this blog hop. It’s been fun. Thank you so much for including me!

Please pay a visit to the participating artists below:

The Reveal!

I received so many pretty baubles from my swap partner Deb Forin, I just couldn’t decide what to do first. Today is Mother’s Day and my mother loves jewelry. She especially loves bracelets, and sparkly bracelets are the best ever




Then I thought, I have so many pretties left I must make something else. The gorgeous copper book was crying to be part of a bookmark. A book and a bookmark in one? Why not?







Interview with the artist

The Bead Soup Blog Party has inspired me to get to know my partner’s artistic side. Deb is an open, friendly person. Please enjoy getting to know her a little bit more.

1.How did you first discover your love of beads and jewelry design?

  • My first beads were pop beads, plastic with a tip on one side and matching hole on the other they snapped together to make a take – apart necklace or bracelet. I think they were yellow. i was 7 or 8 at the time. When my kids were little we made friendly plastic and shrink art jewelery. ¬†I still have some of those crafty pieces hanging around to remind me of how far I’ve come. and now both those products are making the rounds again.¬†Most recently I expanded my repertoire when i started working at my local (now defunct) bead store. I was there from the time they opened till they closed 5 years later. so I have a lot of beads. LOL

2. What is your favourite medium to work with? 

  • Artistic wire. I can make so many of my own clasps and links and chains and cab wraps and bead caps and dangles and now I make and sell a lot of Trees of Life with Swarovski crystals and my wire initials and names were a hit at the holiday season.

3. Do you make beads? 

  • Not often, if I do they are wire messy beads, or silver clay , and a few paper beads as well . I have made some polymer clay beads but they were really simple and plain and didn’t inspire me. BUT I have seen some amazing beads these days on the Internet that are truly phenomenal, so it’s just a matter of time. I have all the supplies and tools . My fave designer there is Julie Picarello.

4. Who have been some of your biggest influences when designing jewellery?

  • Kerry Bogart (kabs creative concepts) got me hooked on the possibilities of wire; ¬†Susan Lenart Kasmer with her industrial chic;¬†and Brenda Schweder who makes hardware steel wire jewelery and is the creator of NOW THATS A JIG. I have one of her books and her wire flowers are amazing. With my background in Interior Design I draw from a lot of sources for inspiration ¬†without specifically knowing who I am inspired by at the time.

5. Why did you join the Bead Blog Party?

  • My first one was last year. I don’t recall how I heard about it but likely from one of the blogs I follow. It sounded like fun and a way to challenge myself to create with unusual/different ¬†supplies.

6. What is your favourite thing about the blog party?

  • Looking at all the jewellery that every one makes. seeing the raw soup ingredients and then the finished products always amazes me as to how each interprets the use of the supplies, usually in ways I wouldn’t have thought of.

7. What advice would you give someone just starting out in jewelry design?

  • Take some basic courses – in person is best but if not available do on-line classes with reputable teachers;¬†Craftsy¬†andBeaducation¬†are two I’ve used ¬†(Not ¬†YouTube. I find it extremely annoying when a presenter spends more time talking about why they are making this video for me (ha) and it’s 8 minutes before they get to the point of showing anything of interest, and crying babies and barking dogs and mewling cats and loud music are NOT inspiring to me at all. Sorry I had to rant a bit about YouTube- it has it’s place but not as education tool; ¬†entertainment, maybe).¬†Once you have learned the basic techniques, crimping, wire wrapping , simple loops etc, then follow your heart and do what you love. There are so many jewelery makers out there that you cannot be all things to all people so choose a medium, a technique, or a style and run with it . I didn’t do this and I still struggle with finding my voice. I want to dabble in it all.

This soup looks nasty!

This soup looks nasty!

My bead soup for Deb is ready to go. It’s in the box just waiting for a trip to the post office. I hope she likes what I’ve sent her. Some I made, some I didn’t. There is definitely an eclectic mix in this soup though!

So busy….

Although I do not sell my work, I try to keep busy creating. One of the ways that pushes me to work with clay is to join swaps. Right now I’m working on three different ones. It really stretches the imagination.

The first, due tomorrow! YIKES! …. Some of the hearts will be auctioned off as a fundraiser for the Kids Center (