The Reveal!

I received so many pretty baubles from my swap partner Deb Forin, I just couldn’t decide what to do first. Today is Mother’s Day and my mother loves jewelry. She especially loves bracelets, and sparkly bracelets are the best ever




Then I thought, I have so many pretties left I must make something else. The gorgeous copper book was crying to be part of a bookmark. A book and a bookmark in one? Why not?








25 thoughts on “The Reveal!

  1. Hi Heather , finally we get to show what we made. I hope your mom likes her pretty and sparkly bracelet, I love those serpentine half moons.
    I am so glad I sent you my copper covered book. I made it a few years ago when I worked at a bead store and taught classes there. we had an etching class and that was my sample. I never knew what it wanted to become part of . You did it girl.! It’s now at home. love, love, love, that you made it part of a bookmark. so darn clever. I honestly never thought of using it for that purpose.
    I hope you get to use some of the other beads I sent or perhaps they will be re-gifted to another bead lover. I am still working on using more of the lovelies you sent to me. I have an african idea rolling around in my head for those gorgeous giraffe patterned beads you made.
    thanks for being my partner. happy beading.

  2. Beautiful designs, Heather… but I bet that bookmark would make any book *jealous* LOL. Hope your Mum loves her bracelet (I know I would!)

  3. The beautiful greens of the serpentine positively glow against the beautiful copper. That is one lush and gorgeous bracelet. That amazing little handmade book is to die for isn’t it? And I think it was an inspired idea to use it as a book mark. I think I might try make me one of those!

  4. I love both the bracelet and the bookmark. I’m not usually a big fan of that shade of green but this piece does it for me. I love how you used the book too. You’ve inspired me and got me thinking.

  5. I love the idea of the book-y bookmark, it is lovely and also congratulations for the effective choice of color combo and shapes on both pieces

  6. So sweet that your first thought for your soup was to make a bracelet for your mom. I’m sure she was very pleased to get it.

  7. Excellent work and soup! You did very well with the ingredients. Will be back for more. I know your mom loved the bracelet, I know I would!

  8. I do hope your mom liked her bracelet! I’m smitten with your bookmark. I’ve never considered using flat discs for bookmark use. Great idea and nicely done!

  9. The bracelet is beautiful – the combo of copper, stone and crystal makes it so versatile to wear with different outfits for different occasions! The bookmark is such a clever idea and beautifully designed!

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